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admin / April 19, 2018

Wagner Foundation Founder in New York Times Profile


The Wagner Foundation (WF), an Uncommon Union client, links cultural support to social justice. Access, education, participation in culture shape institutions. For this reason, the WF has supported wide-ranging initiatives and organizations. Their support spans from the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, which memorializes lynching victims, to Partners in Health’s teaching hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti.

The intersection of culture and social justice reflects the vision of the WF founder, Charlotte Wagner. A long time philanthropist and art collector in the Boston area, Wagner’s research in both areas evolved into a single purpose. Initially, WF grants focused on elementary and secondary school programs, universities, hospitals, and human service organizations based in the Boston area. Over time, the Wagner Foundation expanded its holistic, community-focus to include national and international social justice organizations.

Wagner’s work and unique methodology has earned recognition; attracting a level of curiosity regarding her personal art collection. The week, the New York Times published a profile for their “Show Us Your Wall” column.

New York Times profile: