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admin / May 27, 2018

Transparent Markets


Since the 19th century, the US government has rewarded whistleblowers for exposing fraud. No other country has a similar system. Now, in the 21st century, people from all over the world can receive rewards in the US if they provide unique, non-public, and specific information identifying fraud against the US government, or fraud or bribery by a company listed on a US stock exchange.

Working with law firm Getnick & Getnick, Uncommon Union developed the Transparent Markets platform to educate and inform prospective whistleblowers concerning their rights. Despite the attention to high profile whistleblowers in the media, most people do not understand their rights, responsibilities, and how they can recoup losses.

Stiff economic penalties and rewards for whistleblowers are important components of a highly effective anti-corruption strategy promoted by US courts. Since the 19th century, the US has allowed the prosecution of corrupt business practices abroad which defraud the American public or evade taxes — even if the case is brought by foreigners.

The Transparent Markets platform was designed to reach prospective whistleblowers, no matter where they might live. As awareness regarding global corruption grows, organization around under-utilized laws is increasingly important. Visit website: http://www.transparentmarkets.com

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