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Jacqueline Wright, Kennedy Thomas

admin / May 15, 2017

The Wagner Foundation


Uncommon Union worked closely with The Wagner Foundation to help clarify their mission, organization identity, web presence, and strategy for social outreach. We began by reviewing the foundation’s history of giving, their short and long term goals, and made recommendations concerning how to best represent them. This included the development of new language, web site, and planning for outreach. Uncommon Union looks forward to continuing to work with the Wagner Foundation as they advance their mission through communications, multimedia design, and campaign development.
The Wagner Foundation believes meaningful change is effected by looking closely at the needs of each community and developing holistic, cross-disciplinary solutions to meet challenges. This methodology, which is bottom-up, requires defining flexibility grant categories to address problems and solutions which are unique to a particular community. At the same time, a balance must be struck in meeting common goals. This community-focused approach was influenced by the foundation’s historical support of Partners In Health, also an Uncommon Union client.

The foundation invests in local organizations that can come together to innovate, while not losing sight of the “big picture.” This has lead the Wagner Foundation to focus on areas such as cultural access, public health, economic development, including aspects which relate to racial discrimination and social equity. The Wagner Foundation seeks to bring varied solutions together, within and across organizations, to make a far-reaching impact..

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