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admin / May 28, 2018

The Wagner Foundation


Uncommon Union is working closely with The Wagner Foundation as they advance their vision of building “just and robust” communities through communications, multimedia design, and campaign development. The foundation supports Equal Justice Initiative’s (EJI) Legacy Museum and National Memorial for Peace and Justice, Partners In Health, YearUp, and many others.

The Wagner Foundation invests in organizations that improve health equity, increase economic mobility, expand institutional fairness, and strive for cultural transformation. The willingness to explore, ask questions, and support one another makes new solutions possible, transforming culture in the process.

The Wagner Foundation’s vision of “just and robust” considers what communities need to thrive in the long term, in addition to meeting their immediate challenges. Communities must be afforded a chance to heal, grow, and express themselves to achieve a full measure of justice. This methodology is holistic, recognizing the need for basic health and economic development while not overlooking the importance of cultural factors as part of a solution.

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