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admin / April 29, 2015

The Brooklyn Industrialist


” When Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown from Uncommon Union approached us six months ago about doing an Ebola t-shirt I immediately went to my friend Oye Carr. Oye is from Liberia but grew up in the US, and I have known him since high school. He used to run a community bike shop in Harlem and now builds affordable housing in Africa. “Ebola, how can you make a t-shirt about this?”  Oye said with a little suspicion. I asked him if we could speak to his cousin who is a photographer who lives in Monrovia, Liberia, and at the time was unable to travel due to the ban. Through Oye’s cousin, we contacted several graphic designers in Liberia but no-one responded. A graphic designer living in the US responded but the design didn’t work. Finally, our graphic design team came up with the simple word HEAL that interacted with the three countries that are still battling Ebola – Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. ” 

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