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Those who act first, who act boldly, and who act with creativity and intelligence will determine the shape of society’s future.


Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown, Co-Founder

Elizabeth, began her career introducing leading international brands, like Sony Ericsson, into the North American market. She co-founded Studioe9 in 2004, which functioned as an independent digital laboratory servicing global advertising agencies including IRIS Nation and TBA Global.At StudioE9, Elizabeth emerged as the driving force behind the creation of some of the first public/private partnerships of their kind, such as Choose Haiti and Maiden Nation. Her efforts focused on job creation for women in developing countries through ethical fashion. These initiatives have been featured in Fast Company, Time, Glamour Magazine, BBC, CNN and Mashable. In the summer 2013, Elizabeth co-founded Uncommon Union and rapidly built a network of visionary partnerships bringing together celebrities, governments, businesses, and non-profits. Ancillary to her running of Uncommon Union, Elizabeth has advised the United Nations on public/private partnerships.

Elizabeth also writes often on the subject of women’s empowerment. Her articles focus on entrepreneurship, ethical fashion, and digital education for women and girls in the developing world. Her work has been published in The Guardian, Salon Magazine, Forbes Women, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, Ryot News and Fast Company.

Paul Rene Johnson, Co-Founder

Paul Johnson began publishing software professionally in his teens. Since then, he has helped found, launch, and sell several technology companies. Paul played a key role in defining many conventions of online media leading to the acquisition of in2, a prominent Silicon Alley agency, by Monster.com in 2000.Paul’s digital art work has been exhibited around the world in venues including the Museum of Modern Art / PS1, Galerie Lambert, Postmasters Gallery, ZKM, InterCommunication Center, Eyebeam, and Seoul Museum of Art. An inadvertant pioneer of the DIY movement, he was featured in early Wired and Make Magazine issues. He is the recipient of many industry awards, including a Cannes Interactive Award, and his work is cited in periodicals, blogs, newspapers, and books such as Art After Appropriation, by John Welchman, and Internet Art, by Rachel Greene. As an educator, he has both taught and developed curriculums for RISD and Rutgers University. Recently, Paul spoke and presented hacked GameBoys at the inauguration of the Rutgers-Camden Archive of Digital Ephemera (RCADE), a collection of hardware and software made available to scholars for research purposes.

Jason Brown, Content Strategy

Jason received an MFA from Cornell University in Creative Writing. He was a Wallace Stegner and a Truman Capote Fellow at Stanford University. He has won numerous fiction prizes and his work has appeared in publications such as The Best American Short Stories, Harper’s, Open City, The Georgia Review, TriQuarterly, and The Atlantic. Three of Brown’s stories were named among the Best American Short Stories series “100 Other Distinguished Stories” in 1997, 2005 and 2010. Jason’s first book was Driving the Heart and Other Stories, which earned
many strong reviews including from the New York Times and Publisher’s Weekly. His second book, Why the Devil Chose New England for His Work was equally well reviewed. The Los Angeles Times called it “an exceptionally beautiful and devastating book.” It was nominated for a 2013 Pushcart Prize.

Marc Johnson, Director of Technology

Marc Johnson holds a MS in Software Engineering from the University of Minnesota. His primary areas of experience are web-based systems, corporate enterprise systems and commercial software. He has worked for a variety of clients from a diverse set of business domains including telecommunications, retail, software and manufacturing. As an engineer and manager at Cisco Systems, Marc’s team shipped software components for a new super-router: the largest and most complex engineering undertaking in Cisco’s history at the time. Previously, Marc pioneered wireless technology for MetroTrak LLC, worked as Project Leader for New Technologies at Target Corporation, and as a Software Engineer for ETA Supercomputer Systems.

Pamela Bell, Creative Director

Pamela was a founding partner of the global, iconic brands Kate Spade and Jack Spade. Her role there included production management, retail store development, ecommerce, merchandising, global licensing and product development. She and her partners sold the company to Neiman Marcus in 2006. Pamela has since founded printshop, which creates advocacy graphics for our most pressing social issues and then translates them on to products that allow customers to wear what they care about. prinkshop produces in the USA and aims to create jobs at the same time as it spreads awareness and a passion for change. Pamela oversees all aspects of prinkshop product development and design. Additionally, Pamela is very active in her community. She currently sits on the board of Project Renewal, a 50 million dollar homeless agency in New York City. There, Pamela co-founded the Bowery Arts Project. The Project’s volunteers teach art classes to homeless addicts at the non-medical detox unit at Project Renewal’s East 3rd street location. Pamela also sits on the Board of The American Theatre Wing, is a Tony voter and is a new member of the 3Generations board, a non-profit dedicated to helping survivors tell their stories to the world using film.

Adam Penenberg, Disruptive Publishing

Adam has written for publications, including Fast Company, Forbes, The New York Times, Slate, The Washington Post, Wired, Economist, Mother Jones, and others. As a tenured professor at New York University, Penenberg is the assistant director of the Business & Economic Program and heads the department’s ethics committee.As a senior editor at Forbes and reporter for Forbes.com, Penenberg garnered national attention in 1998 for unmasking serial fabricator Stephen Glass of The New Republic. Penenberg’s story was a watershed for online investigative journalism and is portrayed in the film “Shattered Glass” (Steve Zahn plays Penenberg). His first book, Spooked: Espionage in Corporate America, was excerpted in the Sunday New York Times Magazine and received a starred review in Publishers Weekly. His second, Tragic Indifference: One Man’s Battle With the Auto Industry Over the Dangers of SUVs was optioned for the movies by Michael Douglas and excerpted in USA Today. His third is Viral Loop: From Facebook to Twitter, How Today’s Smartest Businesses Grow Themselves, which was excerpted in Fast Company and TechCrunch in the U.S. and in Wired magazine in the United Kingdom, and published in Japan, Korea, India, China, Brazil and the UK. Finally, Adam’s most recent book is Play at Work: How Games Inspire Breakthrough Thinking.


Moreno Ocampo Consulting

Moreno Ocampo Consulting is a global consulting firm focused on developing strategies to manage complex conflicts with transnational dimensions. Luis Moreno Ocampo was the first Chief Prosecutor of the permanent International Criminal Court, based at The Hague. His office was involved in twenty of the most serious crises of the 21st century including Iraq, Korea, Afghanistan, and Palestine. He conducted investigations in seven different countries including Libya and Sudan. The World Bank has also appointed him to lead an expert panel to examine an alleged corruption conspiracy related to a $3 billion project in Bangladesh.


Prinkshop is a cause-centric studio that designs and makes t-shirts, notebooks and totes all produced in the USA. Prinkshop finds trailblazing organizations working in each of the issues, partners with them, and donates 30% of the profits to their causes. Printshop was founded by Pamela Bell. Prior to prinkshop Pamela was a founding partner of the global, iconic brands Kate Spade and Jack Spade. Her role there included production management, retail store development, ecommerce, merchandising, global licensing and product development. She and her partners sold the company to Neiman Marcus in 2006.