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admin / May 25, 2018

Colombia Farc Peace Agreement


Luis Moreno Ocampo, the Argentine former chief of the International Criminal Court, says the accord signed on Wednesday by Juan Manuel Santos, Colombia’s president, is “like a work by Van Gogh that only gained public recognition after he died”.

On September 26 2016, Uncommon Union accompanied Luis Moreno Ocampo to Colombia to witness the signing of the peace agreement between the FARC guerrillas and the government. This historic event followed our previous work on March 2016 where Uncommon Union travelled to Cuba with Ocampo to help document and manage communications during his negotiations between the FARC and the Colombian government. Building on this work, we continued to document the historic proceedings, manage communications, and conduct outreach for Mr. Ocampo who has spent over a decade advising leadership on both sides of the conflict.

Leading up to and during the signing, Uncommon Union facilitated press relations with global and regional outlets. This was an exceptional and unique opportunity for Mr. Ocampo to explain his years of work, address the Colombian people directly, and express his support for the agreement; which was voted on in a public referendum only 5 days later.

Although the referendum ultimately failed, the signing represented a remarkable foundation for ongoing revisions and progress towards a lasting peace. Read more:

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Noticias: Luis Moreno Ocampo celebra que la Unión Europea suspenda los efectos de estar en la lista de organizaciones a la guerrilla de las Farc por los próximos seis meses.