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admin / October 29, 2014

Projects For All


“If you look at how much money is attributed to education, if you add it all up and apply it to all of the schools and teachers, it doesn’t even come close to serving all children. We decided that a new paradigm for education was essential, one that really can reach every child in. – Katrin Macmillan

Projects For All is an educational innovator, developer of Hello Hubs, rugged internet kiosks which are bringing internet access and education resources to marginal communities around the world. Based on the research of Sugata Mitra, the winner of the 2013 TED Prize and Projects For All board member, the hubs link education, connectivity, community journalism, business, and play. A pilot project in Suleja, Nigeria, is 10 months old and is already a success. As Projects For All expands to serve other communities, Uncommon Union is raising awareness of their initiatives through media relations, thought leadership, and strategic partnerships.

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