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admin / February 13, 2018



We are all fundamentally artists who need to express ourselves; because we all stand for something that will make the world a better place; and because we all need purposeful work, there is Prinkshop, a community of designers who create silkscreened T-shirts, notebooks, canvas tote bags, and other accessories to promote and advocate for social causes. – Vantiy Fair

Fashion is a powerful form of communication and outreach; a central component of many impactful campaigns. For this reason, Uncommon Union has developed fashion for numerous campaigns in partnership with the remarkable design studio, Prinkshop.

Prinkshop was founded by Pamela Bell, a founding partner of the global, iconic brands Kate Spade and Jack Spade. Prinkshop reflects Bell’s vision for a cause-centric community that makes clothes and accessories that people want to wear and carry, that give them a voice and help them to create change in the world around them.

Prinkshop, looks to the printing tradition of the WPA, Atelier Populaire and artists like Sister Corita Kent. They are especially experienced in trendsetting, communicative design.  Prinkshop’s product is all printed in the USA, supporting domestic manufacturing.  Every aspect of the Prinkshop process reflects optimism and dedication to purpose-driven messaging.

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