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admin / January 24, 2018

On Her Shoulders


On Her Shoulders is a documentary about Nadia Murad,  a 23-year-old Yazidi survivor of genocide and sexual slavery by ISIS. The films documents how repeating her horrific story to politicians, the media, and the UN, this ordinary village girl is suddenly thrusted into an international spotlight. She must learn to navigate bureaucracy, fame and people’s “good intentions,” in the interest of justice and her struggling community.

The film was produced by RYOT News, art directed by Alexandria Bombach and co-produced by Uncommon Union’s co-founder Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown. Ryot and Uncommon Union have worked together on several advocacy projects. After our initial work to raise awareness to the ongoing Yazidi genocide, RYOT was the first media outlet to report on efforts by the Yazidi community to seek justice in the midst of this crisis.

On Her Shoulders premiered at Sundance Film Festival this January 2018.


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