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admin / June 25, 2018

New York Time’s Review of On Her Shoulders


After watching most of the movies, I found the ones that stood out most were documentaries that haunted me for days afterward. Such is the case with the opening film, “On Her Shoulders.” It follows the young activist Nadia Murad, who survived genocide and sexual slavery when the Islamic State took over the homeland of the Yazidi, an ethnic minority in northern Iraq, in 2014.

Ms. Murad, spearheading a campaign to bring justice to fellow Yazidi victims, travels the world sharing her story in an effort to enlist global leaders to to her cause. But the work takes a toll on her; she relives the trauma every time someone apologetically asks her to describe what she endured. Even though Ms. Murad says she just wants to return to her past life as a “village girl,” she persists because she sees nothing being done about the plight of her community.


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