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admin / September 12, 2018

Reparations & Legal Mobilization


Uncommon Union ( UU ) has worked closely with prominent international law firms to identify and support reparation claimants. Engaging individuals and communities in a manner which builds trust is necessary to encourage key claimants to step forward. Combining outreach with a carefully implemented communications strategy — whatever a particular case may require — can be instrumental in achieving specific outcomes such as a favorable settlement or public support for a ruling.

Prospective claimants often believe they are without rights. Not only does this perception prevent them from seeking justice but subjects them to further abuse from those that would exploit the vulnerability of their situation. As a result, attacks against victims tend to be cumulative in nature. Despite these circumstances, claimants can be engaged if they understand their options. UU has help to mobilize communities to wield significant legal power against responsible entities.

As victims seeking reparations are supported in exercising legal actions, more are emboldened to do the same. As calls for justice grow, the cost of financing violence and terror grows. UU has built coalitions, through credible communications and partnerships, that drive global change. Outreach and advocacy also protects long-term; serving as a powerful deterrent against future attacks.