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admin / May 1, 2017

Hugh Jackman’s Laughing Man Worldwide


“Coffee in its ubiquity may seem a trivial matter. In fact, it is something that can tie us together and create a conduit to help us tackle some of the biggest issues the planet is facing – from the environment to global poverty.” – Hugh Jackman

Actor Hugh Jackman sought to change the coffee industry after meeting an Ethiopian coffee farmer in 2010. After initially attempting to organize better distribution for Fair Trade coffee exchanges, he realized he could more effectively drive change by starting his own company. Jackman subsequently developed a new business model which invested in Fair Trade coffee strategically; Laughing Man Coffee and Tea was founded.

Uncommon Union has played an active role in building Hugh Jackman’s Laughing Man brand through film premiers, content creation, social publishing, web design, and press relations. 

Additionally, we developed numerous campaigns primarily targeting women through community-based events and educational initiatives. An example campaign involved promoting a digital education fundraiser for the NGO, Projects For All, to construct an internet kiosk in Nigeria. Hugh Jackman worked closely with Uncommon Union in the development of original content detailing Projects For All’s child-led digital education program. Such xommunity-focused initiatives played a central role in building interest around the release of Jackman’s documentary, Dukale’s Dream and driving foot traffic to Laughing Man cafes.


Hugh Jackman discusses Laughing Man Coffee on Jimmy Fallon live.

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