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admin / April 19, 2017

Jhené Aiko, United Nation Foundation’s Girl Up & Brooklyn Industries


“How do you imagine a gender equal world?” That is the question Jhené Aiko is hoping to raise through her new project with the United Nations Foundation campaign, Girl Up, and Brooklyn Industries. – Complex Magazine 

Inspired the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, which calls for global gender equality by 2030, Brooklyn Industries teamed up with the United Nation Foundation’s Girl Up program to ask everyone to imagine the unknown. What will a more equitable world look like? This question is especially pertinent for a new generation of girls rising around the world. As they imagine new opportunities and roles for themselves, how will culture, economics, and politics change? The Global Equity Tee is about how seeing and hearing new things; listening to the unheard, seeing those overlooked. The t-shirt was sold in Brooklyn Industries retail stores (all proceeds going to Girl Up) and modeled by Jhené Aiko.

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Melissa hillebrenner, Director of United Nation’s Foundation Girl Up discusses women’s gender equality initiatives around the world.