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admin / November 8, 2014

Interpeace & Women’s Constitutional Voices


No process which excludes or marginalizes the majority of the population can be representative. No constitution which has failed to fully ensure the perspectives and concerns of women can be seen as fully legitimate over time”.
– Mary Robinson, Former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Women’s Constitutional Voices (WCV), a project launched by Interpeace’s Constitution-Making for Peace Programme (CMP) in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme, is a social network like none other. The WCV site empowers constitution-making advisors, national process leaders, and policy advisors to ensure women and girls’ full participation and to highlight their voices at every level, of a constitution-making process, including policy making at the international level. Uncommon Union is proud to have been selected by Interpeace to develop and market this remarkable project. Coming soon, The WCV site will be a robust and powerful platform positioned to bring historical change. Read more at Interpeace.