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admin / August 30, 2018

International Legal Foundation


“We rarely hear governments say they have no money for police,
prosecutors, courts, yet #legalaid is seen as dispensable.
– Jennifer Smith, President of ILF

The International Legal Foundation (ILF) was founded to hold justice systems accountable to their commitments by training and supporting public defender systems around the world. Although the paths to justice may vary, it is the poor who invariably suffer from false arrest, torture, corruption, and abuse. That is why basic human rights and public defender systems are closely related.

The ILF is the leading provider of legal aid in post-conflict and transitional regions. Building basic institutions of justice is a complex process requiring collaboration with government, legal organizations, universities, law enforcement, and local communities. Uncommon Union works with the ILF to strengthen its brand, multimedia messaging, and outreach in establishing new constituencies in support of international standards. Our experience working in many of the same areas of the world as the ILF makes us an effective partner.

The right to a fair trial is almost universally acknowledged. The United States, of course, famously enshrines this right in the Sixth Amendment of its Constitution. Argentina, South Africa, Afghanistan – even North Korea – also espouse a commitment to protecting this right. It’s one of the few things we can all agree on. Building awareness for the ILF focuses on not only communicating their important work in Afghanistan, Nepal, the West Bank, and Tunsia; but stresses how progress toward justice anywhere protects rights, freedom, and security everywhere.

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