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admin / December 4, 2017

International Legal Foundation


“We rarely hear governments say they have no money for police,
prosecutors, courts, yet #legalaid is seen as dispensable.
- Jennifer Smith, President of ILF

One of the challenges of expanding audiences for the International Legal Foundation (ILF), the leading provider of legal aid in post-conflict regions, is communicating why supporting public defender systems in remote parts of the world is important. The risk is sounding obscure, overly technical, or narrow. Nonetheless, from the failing criminal justice systems in the United States to growing instability in the mideast, we are in the midst of a growing legal aid crisis. Now more the ever, ILF’s mission touches on many topical issues.
In order to communicate the aspects of this story effectively and reach out to new audiences, the ILF enlisted the help of Uncommon Union. To start, we are working to develop thought leadership, a refocused web presence, and new partnerships. The intersection of legal institutions, sustainability, peace, security, and inequality suggest the possibility of new support for ILFs work. Alignment with the United Nations Development Goals, the Global Poverty Project, and other leading publications is an exciting first step in build awareness of the growing global legal aid crisis.
Watch their recent panel on “Measuring access to justice for all: Access to legal aid as a means of measuring Sustainable Development Goal” on UN Web TV. #legalCrisis #theilf #sdg #goal16