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admin / August 18, 2015

Far + Wide Collective


“I know instinctively that craft and art and design are essential parts of life. But that became so much clearer to me when I was there – seeing that there is this currency to beauty, really.” 

- Kara Hamilton in ELLE Canada’s ‘Hidden Gems’ feature

Far + Wide Collective
is a social enterprise dedicated to creating market access for talented artisans in post-war and developing economies. Far + Wide was founded by Hedvig Alexander, former Managing Director of Turquoise Mountain and founder of Peace Dividend Trust in Afghanistan. 

Uncommon Union has worked with Far + Wide to help scale their business by connecting artisans to US markets through partnerships with retailers and designers. Uncommon Union has experience at every point along the supply chain. We’ve worked directly with artisans, suppliers, policymakers, celebrities, and brands. This breadth allows us to find the right “fit” between partners that facilitates lasting opportunities.