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admin / June 11, 2017

Department of Good


Ecommerce Working Group of Retailers and Manufacturers.

Founded by the former CEO of Diesel Canada, The Dept of Good is an ecommerce platform which brings together dozens of manufacturers of responsible products, community organizations, and nonprofits. It also supplies small retailers with unique inventory connected to local charities. The community focus of the Dept of Good products emphasizes the benefits of local businesses. It provides them with a value proposition that protects and differentiates them from big box store competition. Appealing to people who shop in and for their community represents a new social shopping experience and numerous technical challenges.

Uncommon Labs developed the Dept of Good platform to facilitate a working group of retailers, suppliers, and nonprofits to realize this vision. Our experience building community around technology was instructive in architecting a model that could leverage online sales for local brick and mortar retail stores.