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admin / September 9, 2018

A Mobile App to Stop Illegal Arrests


Uncommon Union is developing, designing, and launching a mobile application for The Court Access Project (CAP) to be deployed by law enforcement and criminal justice systems globally. CAP was originally conceptualized by the founder of the International Legal Foundation, Natalie Rae, and attorneys at the Legal Aid Society in New York. The application is designed to be used in the field, by police officers during arrest, for the purpose of eliminating the global problem of illegal pretrial detention before the first court appearance.

The technology is a simple and inexpensive digital system to notify courts of all arrests. By ensuring timely early judicial intervention, the application will help lessen corruption, facilitate early assistance of counsel, and further the U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 16 to improve access to justice. Many problems with corruption in criminal justice systems begin with simple failures in the process. CAP provides an easy-to-use, affordable technical solution for a common problem.

Eliminating this early illegal detention will have a ripple effect throughout the pretrial detention phase of a criminal case, as it will ensure early judicial oversight and enable earlier access to legal aid such that suspects are not forgotten. The project will be demoed for the first time in Tbilisi in November 2018.